St. Juraj - discover the history and sights of the island of Košljun

We are thrilled to announce that we have extended our offer! Now you have a chance to explore the rich history of the island Košljun... and it's rich nature as well. Covered with over 400 different plant species - this island is a true gem of the Adriatic sea, waiting for you to explore its secrets. Sail with us in this beautiful oasis of peace and silence and discover a unique history through museums and a monastery library. Join us on the St. Juraj boat, lean back and enjoy the ride.

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Otac Roko adventure

Panorama of Košljun

Chill panorama

Island Goli


Otac Roko - more than a trip

In only half an hour of sailing you will find yourself in pristine nature, be able to observe birds, swim in the sheltered coves and enjoy the beautiful beaches, swim surrounded by fish and various marine creatures, dive and explore underwater life, enjoy good food. Relax in an unforgettable setting and escape everyday life.

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