The legend says that in the far 1524 there was a grave robbery in the sea in front of Krk, when the pirates, called "Pirates from Plavnik", in the channel between two deserted islands – Mali Plavnik and Plavnik, intercepted a merchant galley carrying valuable cargo.In a fast action, the prince's guards' ship sunk the pirate ship, and the only surviving pirate made it to the island of Plavnik where he buried the plundered valuable objects.This is where the pirate from Plavnik disappeared without a trace, and the only thing found was a mysterious map with instructions on how to find the buried treasure on Plavnik.On that day the prince offered a rich reward to the finder, and the search still lasts...

The Treasure Hunt excursion is based on a historical event from the 16th century when pirates attacked a commercial galley off of Krk and, running from the Duke Guard, buried the stolen treasure on the island of Plavnik. The treasure has not been found to date......With panorama sailing on sailboat "Otac Roko" where you can see the coastline, bays and beaches, and several small uninhabited islands, and their animals - griffins, sheep and seagulls, you will experience the atmosphere of the past and present search for hidden treasure.Upon completion of search followed by lunch on the boat and swim to a hidden beach in the bay on a desert island ...

  • Start Krk harbor - boarding the ship to sail (approx. 10 am)
  • Captain's welcome toast - welcome Drink (cup of rum) 
  • Cruising the Gulf of Krk islands (approx. 45 min.)

At that time the guests get acquainted with the historical story of the whole event, and the crew will after welcome drinking (juice for children) divided scarves (sailor-pirate) and the treasure map and obtain basic information related to the search.

We bord the boat in Krk Port until 10 a.m. and sail off.   After we leave the port, the capitain will make a toast with a glass of rum or juice (aperitif) The sailing continues through Krk Bay to the nearby island, and the guests will hear the historical story of the whole event and be provided with pirate bandanas, bottles of water and maps with coordinates showing the place where the treasure is buried

After a short panoramic ride along the island of Plavnik and detailed instructions for disembarking and the treasure hunt, the boat will reach the invasion bay – the beach where the guests will disembark    The boat crew will take the guests to the beach in a lifeboat ond the boat will anochor in the bay    The hunting guests equipped with maps, water bottles and pirate bandanas to protect their heads against the sun will start their search for the chest containing the buried treasure    After two hours of searching and swimming, the guests will bord the boat ond enjoy a pirate lunch: grilled fish or meat with a side dish (cabbage salad, tomato, bread) and drink (1/2 l of beer, wine, juice and mineral water)

After lunch, we will take a break for swimming and then have some coffee and cookies on the boat. On a light panoramic ride, the boat carrying the treasure hunters will return to the home port by 7 p.m    The captain will announce the person who found the treasure to the duke's governor. The duke will present the successful treasure hunters with an award on 10 August at a formal dinner. The price is inclusive of: a pirate bandana and a map, 1 l of water per person, pirate lunch, coffee and cookies and captain's toast (aperitif of juice).

This trip can be arranged for groups by order - min.number of passengers is 35, max. 60. There may be two types of tours: Variant without lunch (includes everything except lunch, welcoming drink, pirate scarf, treasure map, water bottle, coffee, biscuits). A variant with a handle - includes everything in the program but with the choice of meats (fish or meat) and it must be ordered at least the night before the trip. The boat is equipped with a kitchen, a bar with a cooling device, pivomatom (draft beers), 2 toilets, etc. We look forward to seeing you!